Best DJ Headphones

Believe it or not, one of the things that set superstar DJs apart from regular DJs is a pair of high-quality DJ headphones. Just like what the name suggests, it’s something that’s designed specifically for a musical wizard like you who needs to hear every single detail while recording or playing live.

The good news is that there are lots and lots of DJ headphones on the current market that can meet and even surpass expectations, which is vital for the creation of tracks that can impress your audience. The bad news is that it can be quite challenging to find the perfect pair of DJ headphones for your specific needs and particular style — each one of them claims to be the ultimate DJ companion!

Worry not if right now you are looking for the best DJ headphones that you can get a hold of. That’s because below you will come across some of the finest DJ headphones out there. We carried out all the hard work of checking out their features so that you can get the perfect pair for you and start making awesome beats.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black, Professional Grade, Critically Acclaimed, with Detachable Cable
  • Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers
  • Proprietary 45 millimeter large aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep accurate bass response

One of the nicest things about the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones is that they’re designed to fit around your ears comfortably. This means that DJing or music listening for extended periods of time should not be a problem, although once in a while you may still have to allow your ears to vent since these headphones are closed-back. Sound-wise, these over-ear beauties are great for passively cancelling noise and producing a neutral audio experience courtesy of their proprietary 45 mm drivers with earth magnets.


  • Great bang for the buck
  • Excellent stereo separation
  • Suited for bass heads


  • Overemphasized bass
  • Isolation properties could be better
  • Plasticky body

Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone
  • Neodymium magnets and 40 millimeter drivers for powerful, detailed sound
  • Closed ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises
  • 9.8 foot cord ends in gold plated plug and it is not detachable; 1/4 inch adapter included

They may not have state-of-the-art features such as Bluetooth connectivity and active noise cancelling, but still the Sony MDR7506 cans are revered not only by audiophiles but music professionals themselves. This is why getting your hands on these bad boys is a great idea if you wish to take DJing very seriously, which entails the use of some serious headphones. Their 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets allow for excellent sound reproduction. By the way, it has a lengthy 9.8-foot coiled cord, although sadly it’s not detachable.


  • Audio professionals simply love them
  • Comfortable even when worn for a long time
  • Durable and nice-looking


  • Kind of expensive
  • Sound quality isn’t that large
  • Ear fatigue is a possibility

Beats Studio3 Wireless

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling, 22 Hours of Listening Time - Matte Black (Previous Model)
  • High-performance wireless noise cancelling headphones in matte black
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Pure adaptive noise canceling (pure ANC) actively blocks external noise

If you’re a brand-conscious DJ who believes that looks and performance should go hand in hand, look no further than the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. Other than the fact that they carry a very popular brand name, these cans have a number of tricks up their sleeve. For instance, they operate wirelessly so no dangling cords will keep you from showcasing your cool moves together with your sick beats. Those who have already used the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones swear they’re super comfortable and very good at cancelling noise actively.


  • Operates very well with Apple devices
  • Rich and crisp sound reproduction
  • Active noise cancelling feature


  • Has a steep price tag
  • Passive listening mode absent
  • No gesture controls available

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Matte Black Metal)
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Award-winning M-Class sound tuned by over 200 audiophile aficionados
  • Patented 50mm Dual Diaphragm Drivers to separate bass from mids and highs

One look is all it takes for you to learn why the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 is a complete standout. The good news is that this pair of DJ headphones not only look amazing but also performs really well. For instance, it’s revered for its ability to produce deep and booming bass as it’s fitted with massive 50 mm drivers — it’s no wonder why a lot of serious music lovers and audio professionals rave about the performance of this looker. And by the way, the V-MODA Crossfade M-100 neatly folds, which means it does not take up lots of precious space when not in use.


  • Detachable cords
  • Got an awesome look
  • Customizable audio reproduction features


  • On the costly side
  • Heavy and thus not great for extended use
  • Failure to produce enough soundstage or separation

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black
  • Advanced build quality and engineering
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Tuned for enhanced detail, with excellent mid-range definition

There are a couple of reasons why you will surely love the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x. First, it does the job of reproducing sound impressively — its 40 mm drivers are coupled with audio tuning intended for superb details and mid-range definition. Second, this pair of cans fit comfortably around your ears to keep you feeling comfy even when DJing for hours on end, and also reduce environmental noise. The Audio-Technica ATH-M30x is collapsible so that you can easily take it with you no matter where you go.


  • Well-balanced audio response
  • Low sound leakage and great passive noise canceling ability
  • Reasonably priced


  • Sound distortion at higher volumes
  • No audio controls available
  • Insufficient bass

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 40 Hours of Listening Time - Matte Black (Previous Model)
  • High-performance wireless Bluetooth headphones in matte black
  • Features the Apple W1 chip and Class 1 wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 wireless is your perfect everyday headphone

Just like what the name says, the Beats Solo3 Wireless allows you to create audio masterpieces or listen to music without any cable getting in your way. Worry not about battery life as this beauty stamped with an easily recognizable logo allows you to use it for 40 long hours! What’s more, this pair of headphones is ready for some action anytime — a 5-minute charging is enough to give you 3 hours of enjoyment. You will love the fact that there are ear controls around that enable you to control your music-listening experience and also take calls.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Boasts of an energetic sound quality
  • Impressive battery life


  • Doesn’t come with an affordable price tag
  • Body is out of plastic materials
  • Consumers say it’s not great for acoustic music playback

Sony MDR-V55

Cool is a word that best describes the appearance of the Sony MDR-V55. There’s something about the way it looks that can make you stop traffic each time you put it on for casual music listening or beat making. The presence of swivelling ear cups clearly suggests that it’s designed by the audio giant with DJs in mind. Of course, in order for it to be excellent for DJing, the Sony MDR-V55 is tuned to exude a great sound dynamic range. And when it’s time for you to move from your studio or booth to elsewhere, fold this pair of headphones and you’re ready to roll.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Flat cable eliminates the risk of tangles
  • Budget-friendly


  • Non-detachable cables
  • Some consumers say ear pads wear off rather easily
  • Headband tends to squeak

Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro

Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone
  • Open over-ear headphones, ideal for professional mixing, mastering and editing
  • Perfect for studio applications thanks to their transparent, spacious, strong bass and treble sound
  • The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort

The Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro has a retro vibe to it. This doesn’t really come as a big surprise since it was designed back in the 80s. Despite featuring a vintage look, this pair of DJ headphones packs some modern-day essentials audio professionals and music lovers alike want For instance, this over-ear gem is specifically tuned to produce spacious and transparent sound, as well as a strong treble. Even though the cable it has isn’t detachable, it’s coiled to help you move around rather easily without tangles or clutter.


  • Excellent bang for the money
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • A lot of replaceable parts


  • Non-detachable cable
  • Tends to cause ear fatigue after some time
  • Failure to produce rich bass

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black
  • Advanced build quality and engineering Designed for studio tracking and mixing
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Tune for enhanced low frequency performance

Even though there is no active noise cancelling feature present in the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x, it’s closed-back design and ear cup structure work together in minimizing external noise. And that’s a good thing because you will surely be able to focus on the well-balanced sound of this pair of headphones, thanks to its 40 mm drivers that are specifically tuned for low-frequency performance. It’s no wonder why the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x is being marketed as something highly suitable for mixing and studio tracking.


  • Easy on the wallet
  • Durable construction
  • Great for DJing and casual music listening


  • Some consumers say that the soundstage is average at best
  • Fails to produce sufficient amounts of bass
  • Sound leakage at higher volumes

Sony MDRV6

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers for powerful, detailed sound
  • Over-ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises

A lot of DJs, professionals and newbies alike, swear by the effectiveness of the Sony MDRV6 for monitoring tasks, and the ability of both the ear cups swivel at 90° is just one of the testaments to that. What so many consumers love about this pair of headphones is that it has sufficient amounts of details and just the perfect punch, which is due to the presence of 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets. To let you move around without unnecessary clutter, the Sony MDRV6 is fitted with a very lengthy coiled cable.


  • Coiled cable is 10 feet long
  • Folds for easy storage and portability
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Gets uncomfortable especially after a while
  • Microphone for making/taking phone calls absent
  • Cable is non-detachable

Behringer HPX2000

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones
  • High-definition bass and super-transparent highs
  • Ultra-high dynamic range
  • High-efficiency cobalt capsule

If NASA astronauts listened to music while out there in space, you’d probably spot them sporting the Behringer HPX2000. That’s because it has a really cool and innovative design. But other than its appearance, this pair of headphones also impresses with its rich bass and detailed sound. Its oxygen-free copper wire that’s permanently attached to one of the ear cups is definitely a contributor. And if you think that the Behringer HPX2000 may cost a lot, think again — consumers who have purchased and used it say that it’s a great bang for their buck!


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Provides just the right amounts of bass
  • Folds for trouble-free storage


  • Most parts are out of plastic
  • Some say that the construction is flimsy
  • Non-replaceable/non-detachable cable

V-MODA Crossfade LP2

V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited Edition Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone - Matte Black
  • 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers - inner & outer rings deliver vibrant bass, vivid mids & vivacious highs without overlap.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Passive Noise Isolation - cuts out noise. To relieve the pressure, you can stretch the headband by bending it outwards (placing hands on the ends of the headband - not the ear cups). You may repeat this process until you're happy with a looser fit. You can also bend the headband inwards to make a tighter fit
  • No Batteries or Processing - powerful clarity without two extra digital-to-analog conversions - toxins that pollute your music

Because of its hexagonal ear cups, there’s no denying that the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 is one of the most unique-looking pair of headphones on the current market. You will love the fact that the ear cups not only look exceptional but also excellent when it comes to reducing environmental noise passively. We’re certain that you will never complain about the loudness and bass quality for the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 packs a couple of 50 mm dual-diaphragm drivers. And by the way, the detachable cable is reinforced with Kevlar for longevity.


  • Built to last for a long time
  • Looks amazing
  • Great for listening to a wide variety of music genres


  • The clamping force can be too much for some users
  • Midrange isn’t as impressive as on other V-MODA headphones
  • No active noise cancelling

AKG K240 Studio

From professional DJs to casual music listeners, many can’t get over the fact that the AKG K240 Studio is a top-notch performer with a price tag that’s easy on the pocket. Needless to say, you should consider getting your hands on these headphones if you’re on a tight budget but refuse to settle with a crappy pair of cans. While the AKG K240 Studio is great for a variety of purposes because of its stellar sound reproduction and adequate passive noise-cancelling ability, sadly, it’s not ideal for live performances as the ear cups do not swivel.


  • Excellent bang for the money
  • Sturdy construction and durable materials
  • Detachable and lengthy cable


  • Many are unhappy with the flat response
  • Bulky and does not fold for easy storage or transporting
  • Non-swiveling ear cups

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone, Black, with Cutting Edge Engineering, 90 Degree Swiveling Earcups, Pro-grade Earpads/Headband, Detachable Cables Included
  • Cutting edge engineering and robust construction
  • 40 millimeter drivers with rare earth magnets and copper clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud environments

There are a couple of things about the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x why it’s adored by many. First, its 40 mm drivers with earth magnets are very good at producing high-quality and detailed sound. Second, the swivelling ear cups are very good at keeping external noise to a minimum passively. The ear cups are big enough to fit really well around the ears, and the headband is designed to last and at the same time keep you comfortable. Go ahead and travel with the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x all you like as it’s foldable and the cable is detachable.


  • Foldable for saving precious space
  • Offers sufficient noise isolation
  • Durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • Devoid of mic and music/call controls
  • Cable detaches rather easily
  • Ear fatigue during extended music listening

Samson SR850

Samson Technologies SR850 Semi Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones, Black
  • Professional studio Reference semi-open headphones designed for tracking, mixing, mastering and playback.
  • Proprietary large 50mm drivers with rare earth magnets deliver an extended frequency response and great dynamic range
  • Circumaural, over-ear, design with velour cushioning provides outstanding comfort for long listening sessions

Massive 50 mm drivers, extended frequency response, semi-open design — these are just some of the nicest things about the Samson SR850. If you love anything with a vintage appeal, then you will surely feel cool and confident each time you’re sporting this pair of headphones. The ear cups that rest over your ears have velour cushioning to keep discomfort at bay especially during extended use. The headband is also self-adjusting, which means that with the Samson SR850 you can focus right away on listening to or making music.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Lightweight
  • Capable of reproducing audio decently


  • Absence of mic and controls on the cable
  • Many are unimpressed with the materials used
  • Frequency balance is undesirable

Just Before You Shop

Today’s DJ headphones come in so many shapes and sizes, and they also pack a wide variety of features. There are different headphones for different purposes, although some are designed to be multitaskers. When shopping for a pair of cans, always keep in mind the reasons why you would like to buy DJ headphones in the first place.