Ableton Live 10 Review

Our Thoughts on the Ableton Live 10

If you are planning on buying Ableton Live 10, read on. Below we will talk about some of the most essential things you need to know about this particular music-making software. We hope that by the time that you get to the end of this quick review, you already have an idea if Ableton Live 10 is for you.

Key Features

The word “live” in the product’s name suggests that it can be used not only in your studio but also on stage. Needless to say, Ableton Live 10 allows for real-time adjustment of the tempo and timing while the music is playing — everything else self-adjusts! Here are the top features of the product:

  • Versatile MIDI sequencing. Recording, editing and playing music with Ableton Live 10 comes with utmost freedom as it offers MIDI sequencing of both hardware and software instruments. Further, the music-making software permits recording of MIDI notes after they’re played, and they can be incorporated into your music seamlessly.
  • Upgradable. Ableton Live 10 comes with native instruments varied enough to allow you to compose and produce sonic masterpieces. However, there’s also an impressive range of curated packs available that can be used as they are, or tweaked to meet the user’s specific musical needs.
  • Real sounds into virtual sounds. One of the nicest things about Ableton Live 10 is that it permits conversion of sounds (trains, birds, rain, chimes, etc.) into virtual instruments, thus making for one-of-a-kind creations. All you have to do is record your preferred real-world sounds and then have them incorporated into your compositions to your heart’s content.

What We Like

Aside from the key features discussed above, there are a few more things that make Ableton Live 10 an excellent type of software for recording, editing and playing music. Some of those that we like include:

  • Different interfaces available. We love that there are a couple of user interfaces to choose from when using Ableton Live 10: a timeline-based workflow and a live-session view. Each of them can come in handy at different times — one is perfect inside the studio and the other is suited for a live performance.
  • Improvisation. Unlike other similar music-making software in the market currently, Ableton Live 10 can actually be employed while you’re on stage. We really like the fact that it allowed us to improvise while performing in front of a crowd, making the moment a less static experience for all parties involved.
  • Massive collection of sounds and effects. It’s less likely for you to turn to sound banks other than what is being offered by Ableton Live 10. That’s because it comes with more than 5,000 sounds amounting to over 70 GB. What’s more, there are also 57 effects and 10 different instruments for you to choose from.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

The product is ideal for individuals who work in their studios as well as in front of people. It’s for the fact that Ableton Live 10 is designed not only for recording and editing but also performing live. Such is made possible because of the fact that it allows for the adjustment of certain elements in real-time without the need for you to stop the music.

Ableton Live 10 is also perfect for those who refuse to steer clear of being an ordinary musician. Aside from the available sounds and effects, recorded audio can also be converted into software sound and then incorporated into one’s compositions. Needless to say, Ableton Live 10 allows for creative freedom and ingenuity.

What Customers are Saying

A lot of customers can’t seem to quit raving about how expansive the included sounds and effects are. And despite having both a timeline-based workflow that can be found on most other similar software and a live-session view, it remains easy to use. They agree that the interface is user-friendly and clutter-free. If there’s one complaint about Ableton Live 10, it’s the price tag it carries — some customers find it kind of steep.

The Bottom Line

Versatile is a word that best describes Ableton Live 10. It’s a flexible type of music-making software that can be used inside the confines of a studio as well as in front of an audience for a live experience.

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