PreSonus Studio One 3 Review

Our Thoughts on the PreSonus Studio One 3

If you are thinking about getting the PreSonus Studio One 3 for your music recording and production needs, keep on reading this very quick review. We will talk about some of the most important things you have to know about the software, thus giving you an idea if it’s the right one for the job.

Key Features

The PreSonus Studio One 3 is suitable for professionals because it offers a wide variety of features. It’s also ideal for beginners in the use of digital audio workstations as it’s fairly easy to learn and master. The following are some of the key features of the software:

  • User-friendly interface. There are various reasons why the PreSonus Studio One 3 is a delight to use whether you are a pro or a newbie. For one, it has a single-window interface that helps save you from having a nasty headache when trying to find the most important tools. The software also allows dragging and dropping of components to make music-making a breeze.
  • Efficient content browser. No in-demand DJ or record producer can afford to waste precious time. This is exactly why the PreSonus Studio One 3 comes equipped with a browser that makes it trouble-free for you to look for your much-needed audio files, ranging from samples, loops, sound effects to presets.
  • Upgradable. Investing in a digital audio workstation that doesn’t have the ability to grow with your expanding needs as a musician is a terrible idea. That’s because it’s a waste not only of your money but also time. Well, there’s no need to worry about that sooner or later as the PreSonus Studio One 3 can easily catch up with your advancing skills and needs because various plug-ins can make that happen.

What We Like

It’s true that the PreSonus Studio One 3 is nicely designed and easy to use. However, it is also an excellent performer. These are the things that we really like about the product:

  • Proprietary AI mixers. The maker of the PreSonus Studio One 3 has thrown in the so-called StudioLive AI mixers that simplify the process of mixing. Included are essentials such as limiter, low-pass filter, parametric equalizer and a bunch of other stuff that will make you appreciate the software’s intuitiveness.
  • Easy to learn and use. Even though we have been using digital audio workstations in all shapes and sizes for a long time now, still there’s a learning curve involved with the use of a new product. What we particularly love about the PreSonus Studio One 3 is that the interface is well-laid out, thus eliminating clutter that can cause intimidation most especially in less-experienced users.
  • Various advanced features. When we looked closely at each menu while drive testing the PreSonus Studio One 3, we were surprised to come across some innovative features that many of its counterparts do not have. Some of those that the software has are event-based effects, editable tracks in the folders, and transient detection and editing that boast of groove extraction functionality.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

Undeniably, the PreSonus Studio One 3 is perfect for DJs and record producers who are on their way to stardom. The software’s easy-to-use and uncluttered interface makes the entire process of composing and editing a breeze. The product is also ideal for individuals who are always in a rush as it has a no-frills content browser.

Professionals may also take advantage of the PreSonus Studio One 3 for furthering their careers. That’s because the PreSonus Studio One 3 in itself provides them with some of the most important tools for making chart-topping tracks. Because the software is expandable via plug-ins, it’s sure to grow with them.

What Customers are Saying

The majority of those who purchased the PreSonus Studio One 3 agree that the software is so easy to use. Some of them had no trouble introducing themselves to it even without prior experience in the use of digital audio workstations. Beginners are not the only ones delighted with the PreSonus Studio One 3, but professionals as well. However, there are customers who notice that the software seems to be extremely processor-intensive.

The Bottom Line

Versatile is a word that best describes the PreSonus Studio One 3 because it meets the needs of professionals and introduces newbies to the use of digital audio workstation.

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