Alto TS310 Review

Our Thoughts on the Alto TS310

Make sure that you check out this quick review of the Alto TS310 from start to finish. We will talk about the speaker’s main features, what customers like about it, and a bunch of other things. By the end of this review, we hope that you have a better idea if this product is what you’re looking for exactly.

Key Features

Experts and consumers alike consider the TS310 by Alto Professional as a small but terrible speaker. That’s because it is compact in size but big in performance, surpassing the capabilities of some larger speakers in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the product:

  • 2,000-watt power. The moment that you scan the list of the Alto TS310’s features, you will know right away that it’s designed to blow people away. That’s because it packs a whopping 2,000-watt peak amplifier. This is definitely a far cry from the speaker’s predecessors, all of those included in the TS2 series of speakers by Alto Professional, that are equipped with 1,100-watt peak amplifiers only.
  • Small and lightweight. Other than impressing with its performance, the Alto TS310 is also designed to amaze with its compact body. The product’s casing measures 20.6 x 11.8 x 12.6 inches only, and it tips the scale at just a little over 30 pounds. Yes, it may not be the smallest and most lightweight option, but it is certainly easier to carry and transport than most other professional speakers.
  • Dual input. Because of the presence of two input options, up to a couple of microphones as well as other audio sources can be used with the Alto TS310. As if that’s not enough, there are also two-channel mixers, level controls and contour equalizer switch around.

What We Like

Because of the TS310’s key features mentioned above, it’s really easy to love the speaker by Alto Professional. The following are some other things that we like about it:

  • Punchy bass. Enjoying a lot of bass is trouble-free for as long as the one on the stage is the Alto TS310. That’s because it has a massive 10-inch driver designed to ensure that there’s never a shortage of bass during the performance. The presence of a neodymium magnet with precision waveguide makes for punchier bass.
  • Mountable on a pole. We love that the TS310 by Alto Professional can be used either by placing it on the floor or propping it up on a pole. Needless to say, the speaker can be used in a variety of settings and at different venues, too.
  • Clutter-free control panel. Just like most other speakers in the market that are meant for professional use, the control panel of the Alto TS310 is located at the back. However, it’s surprisingly clean. No, it’s not because the product is lacking in features — it’s just that the control panel is laid out very well.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

It’s evident that the Alto TS310 is designed by its manufacturer with professionals in mind. Also, it’s quite clear that the speaker is meant to be used at larger venues and with bigger crowds. Because it can be mounted on a pole, obtaining the setup best suited for the event is made easy.

The Alto TS310 is also intended for those who refuse to be weighed down by bulky and hefty audio equipment when going from one venue to the next. The powerful 10-inch driver of the speaker is housed inside a compact cabinet that can be transported trouble-free as it weighs just a little over 30 pounds.

What Customers are Saying

There are a couple of things about the Alto TS310 that a lot of customers love. First, it is capable of producing loud and clear sound, courtesy of its powerful amplifier. What’s more, many people agree that the bass is deep and punchy. Second, the TS310 carries a price tag that’s reasonable enough. However, some consumers note that the cabinet seems to be insubstantial as it tends to rattle especially when there’s a lot of bass.

The Bottom Line

Professional, compact, affordable — these are some of the words that best describe the TS310 by Alto Professional. It’s suited for those who want to get their hands on an excellent speaker without ending up broke.

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