The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Perfect DJ Headphones

Perfect headphones are crucial equipment to a DJ as it plays a big part when creating music in the recording studio or when on a live stage. It also inhibits disturbance from the surroundings or the screaming of the fans. 

Premium headphones allow a DJ to hear all the elements in a piece and play around with pitch, range, and frequency to deliver a high-quality, well-balanced composition.

Having said that, the best headphones are a pricey investment. See our reviews on the best DJ Headphones. Experts always advise not to compromise when it comes to headphones, however, if you’re an upcoming DJ with a limited budget, then you don’t have a choice but to buy the best your money can afford. 

While spending good money can get you the best pair of headphones available, many budding and seasoned DJs are doing fine with average and basic professional gadgets. So, this begs the frequently asked question: are premium headphones worthy of buying?

How to Choose DJ Headphones

1. Comfort

One of the most important features to consider when buying a headphone is comfortability. Always keep in mind that this piece of equipment will be on you for hours. Hence, choose a pair that has a good feel on your ears, it shouldn’t be too tight and has the right size of cups to perfectly fit the human ears. 

Headphones often have rubberized or spongy headbands, which gives comfort on the neck and rotating cups to adapt to any mixing position. If you’re planning on buying, make sure you wear the headphones first to determine how they fit.

2. Sound Quality

Different headphones possess different specifications just like any other electronic devices and gadgets. Some are made to fit the bass-busters while others are for the audiophiles, who like clear and natural highs as well as mids and lows.

Whatever feature you choose, the headphones you buy should be loud for you to hear the music while playing in a raging party in the night club or events. Also, it must be very clear at high volumes to enable you to match the beat using an extensive frequency range.

3. Durability

Expect your headphones to go through hard tests of durability such as being moved around, pulled, sweated in for hours, packed in a travel bag and more, especially if you’re performing or travelling DJ. 

So, it’s ideal to invest in a top-quality headphone which guarantees several months of usage before they show signs of wear and tear. Be careful as there are many headphones on the market that don’t even last until the sunrise of partying. 

4. Closed-Back Design

If your headphones can cancel the background noise, well it’s a good piece of investment. Closed-designs have a solid instead of an open casing on the ear cups, which guarantees that obstructions from the surrounding are not heard in the headphones. These types of headphones are called noise cancelling and their prices range from a hundred dollars to a grand.

Headphones with open back cups will force you to blast the volume to the highest to avoid the noisy environment. This could also result in ear damage to the DJ.

5. Looks

The looks of a headphone add charisma to a DJ performing. If you are a production DJ instead of a live performer, or your gigs are only played on neon-lit clubs on a Friday night, then it’s better to choose a pair of headphones with good comfort and sound quality over an elegant and stylish design. 

However, if your shows are usually in the daytime, you may want to buy some attractive headphones. Sure, it will pump you up when on stage playing. 

Why Are High-Quality Headphones Expensive?

If you consider all the qualities of a perfect headphone mentioned above, you probably already knew that the higher the cost is, the better is your chance of getting a premium DJ headphone. If you have the budget, you certainly can avail of the best pair according to your liking.

Low-priced headphones may be best for some, but once you start performing with a pricier headphone, for sure you will never come back.

Are High-Quality Headphones Worth It?

Headphones are hit or a miss. They are a complicated thing to purchase as not even the grandest pair can assure the best listening experience. For example, DJ’s have different specifications based on their music genre, which means that music to my ears may not sound great for you.

Still, premium headphones tick all the right boxes and are worthy of an investment if you can afford it. Always make sure to read reviews and feedback from many users to get a whole understanding of how they feel and sound.

Therefore, high-quality headphones are only worthy of buying if they validate the expensive price tag with excellent design and best sound quality.