Are DJ Headphones Good For Normal Use?

So, you decided to take DJing and now you’re hesitant to ask your instructor the best type of headphones to use. This may seem foolish or amateur in front of your friends and classmates. Now the keyword you type on Google is “good headphones for DJs.” The search engine will supply you with a great list from the most expensive to the low-budget with reviews from the pros and users. This is the time that you’ve faced a dilemma and thought that – which is the right choice for me. Don’t fret, we got your back.

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference within DJ headphones and a normal earphone as well as are DJ headphones good for normal use. In the end, both have the same use and they help you while enjoying your favourite songs. Check out our reviews on the best DJ Headphones.

A huge difference is that DJ headphones are specially designed to negate the background noise or in technical terms – the strong attenuation. When a DJ is playing around his playlist in a party club, event or large crowd, he needs good headphones to hear the other or auxiliary track that he’s mixing to the first track. A DJ must listen to the tempo and mix the songs properly and good headphones help him to that. Playing two different songs in each ear is an essential feature of DJ headphones. This function helps a DJ hear the current and next songs simultaneously, which is very important for mixing. Also, DJ headphones deliver greater sound quality than the usual headphones. Normal headphones provide less superior sound transmission than DJ headphones.

When buying good DJ headphones, a feature that distinguishes it from a regular headphone is they must be closed/sealed or in-ear design so that the DJ or listener is detached from the background noise. DJ headphones are designed to precisely recreate high and low song frequency. Also, DJ headphones need a powerful but specific base response.

DJ headphones are built with DJs in mind. This piece of equipment must be comfortable to wear since they will be on them for long hours. They should fit perfectly to a DJ’s head so he won’t be distracted during mixing songs. So most often, you see a cushion on the headband of the headphone. Comfortability is a very important feature when 

The comfort of a DJ headphone plays a vital role in DJ performance. He or she will probably be wearing the piece of equipment for the entire night and of course, he or she doesn’t want their ears to feel uncomfortable or hurting after a couple of hours. Always examine the cable features since during performance you have to keep jumping around. 

When it comes to the price tag, headphones used by most DJs are slightly more extravagant over regular headphones. DJ headphones are like an investment to a Dj which is the big reason for the cost difference. They can last for a very long time and hence, they are built with quality and durability while regular headphones only last for a few months to a year. (But this is based on the quality and how DJ is using the equipment. If put a heavy user into consideration, then expect the headphones to be misused and won’t last for over 6 months).

The build quality of the headphone is the last feature that you should review when buying aDJ headphones. As we mentioned, normal high-fi headphones will damage when used for DJing. You have to use your DJ headphones off and back again many times during every event. So, if you’re using low-grade headphones, expect that it will be damaged after several gigs.

DJ headphones should be durable enough to endure a demanding and working ambience. DJing is not just about the latest songs but knowing the latest gears and equipment on the market. DJing is more than just love for music and beats, it is a passion where you mix beats and songs for others to enjoy or party. DJing is more fun and feels especially when you have upgraded gears to deliver the best performance for your crowd. Having said that, it’s important to keep in mind that DJ headphones are always under constant pressure. In regards to the wire being connected to the headband stretched every once in a while. DJ headphones are usually pretty durable and withstand much deterioration and abrasion.

A crucial factor to consider when investing in a DJ headphones is choosing a pair that suits best your needs and your fit budget accordingly. As we have said before, all gears and equipment can be upgraded, as you don’t want to be stalled with something costly another year or two in the future. You can check and review headphones such as Sennheiser or Technica. They also have a wide range of DJ headphones for lower price tags.