Numark M6 USB Review

Our Thoughts on the Numark M6 USB

This is a quick review of the Numark M6 USB, which is a compact mixer that’s on the reasonably-priced side of the fence. So if you are thinking about getting your hands on the unit anytime soon, make sure that you keep on reading this review until the very end.

Key Features

It’s true that the Numark M6 USB’s body is not as massive as its larger and more comprehensive counterparts. This does not mean, however, that it’s practically bare-bones. The product carries some of the most important features that a lot of consumers look for in a mixer, and here are the most noteworthy of the bunch:

  • USB connectivity. The unit’s name has the word “USB” in it, and the reason for it is quite obvious: it can be connected to USB-enabled devices. Especially if you are into DJing, you will love that you can use the Numark M6 USB with either a PC or Mac for your track mixing and record producing needs.
  • Multiple input options. It may be small alright, but the Numark M6 USB is still a great performer. This is most especially true when it comes to using it in various settings and setups — the product comes equipped with a number of audio inputs, thus allowing it to be used with CD players, MP3 players, turntables and more!
  • Accessible mic input and controls. Just like what they say, time is gold. Numark knows this very well, and that’s why it has outfitted the M6 USB with a highly accessible XLR input and 1/4-inch mic input. There are also dedicated gain controls and equalizers. Needless to say, the unit is suited for those impromptu vocal performances and urgent announcements.

What We Like

There are a handful of things about the Numark M6 USB that we liked as soon as we gave it a test drive. Let’s check out those that we believe you will also love about the unit:

  • Compact. The M6 USB by Numark is perfect for small venues and even smaller booths. Definitely, it makes for a wonderful addition for a small home studio. However, it’s not just space that the product can help conserve, but also energy — it can be carried from one venue to the next trouble-free.
  • Durable materials and construction. The moment we laid our hands on the Numark M6 USB, we knew right away that it’s something that can last for a long time. Unlike some other compact and budget mixers in the market, this one boasts of a solid steel chassis. Combined with its excellent performance, the M6 USB can be easily considered as a wise investment.
  • Various audio outputs. Another thing about the Numark M6 USB that we really like is that it comes with an assortment of audio outputs. However, they are not just ordinary audio outputs — they’re professional audio outputs! Indeed, you should not judge the unit by its size because it is capable of providing a stellar performance via seamless connection to different audio equipment.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

Evidently, the Numark M6 USB is geared towards those who do not like a lot of clutter. It’s obviously for the fact that it has a compact body. However, refrain from assuming that it’s a highly portable mixer — it weighs close to 10 lbs! However, that’s something to expect given that it has a robust body out of steel.

Just like what the name suggests, the M6 USB by Numark is ideal for anyone who would like to own a mixer that can be used with either a PC or Mac via USB connection. Thanks to the availability of a USB port plus a bevy of other inputs and outputs, owning this relatively tiny unit won’t keep you from being a giant in the arena.

What Customers are Saying

A lot of those who decided to purchase the Numark M6 USB can’t seem to quit raving about the fact that it has a solid steel body that can obviously take a beating. Additionally, they love that the unit is compact yet never short on features, particularly the ones that are mostly warranted for scenarios requiring live audio. However, some customers are not completely satisfied with the inbuilt mixers.

The Bottom Line

Going for the Numark M6 USB is a great idea for those who would like to get their hands on a compact mixer that’s versatile enough to be used with a computer as well as various audio components.

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