Numark Mixtrack 3 Review

Our Thoughts on the Numark Mixtrack 3

It can be tempting to get your hands on the Numark Mixtrack 3 as it seems impressive without the steep cost. But can it really meet your needs and expectations? To know whether or not it’s the right product to get, read this quick yet informative review of it!

Key Features

The Numark Mixtrack 3 looks like it’s an expensive piece of DJ equipment. However, you’ll be surprised to know that its price tag is actually pocket-friendly for the average consumer. Despite being reasonably priced, the product is never short on great features. Here are the ones that are on the top of the list:

  • USB connectivity. It’s not all the time that you can find a USB port on the body of most mixing gears, including especially budget ones. Well, there’s one on the Mixtrack 3, which means that it can be used with a laptop, desktop and a bunch of other USB devices. Thanks to the unit’s USB connectivity feature, setting up a home DJ booth is made trouble-free.
  • Virtual DJ LE. Currently, you can choose from an assortment of DJ software for mixing and editing tracks. One of those is Virtual DJ LE, and it comes with the purchase of the Numark Mixtrack 3. After having the product registered online, you can download the software to your computer free of charge.
  • Metal jog wheels. There are a few reasons why the jog wheels on the Mixtrack 3 can impress. First, they are massive which allows for better precision. Second, they are highly responsive, thus allowing you to infuse your tracks with scratches with accuracy. Lastly, they are out of metal so you know that they will last.

What We Like

The Mixtrack 3 by Numark is actually geared towards beginners and home DJs. Despite this, it packs some professional tools that seasoned DJs use. The following are the product’s features that we particularly love:

  • Audio output. Earlier, we mentioned that the Numark Mixtrack 3 can be easily connected to a laptop or computer via USB. We love that the product can also be used with headphones, speakers and PA systems. However, it’s a bummer that the necessary cord to make that happen is sold separately.
  • Multifunction pads. Below each jog wheel is a set of 8 touchpads that carry out a variety of tasks. They range anywhere from manual looping, auto looping, sampling to cueing tracks. Other than having numerous functions, the touchpads also light up — they come in different colors for functionality and aesthetics, too!
  • Long pitch sliders. We have already seen an assortment of pitch sliders. However, some of the lengthiest ones we’ve come across so far can be found on the Mixtrack 3 by Numark. This is a good thing as they allow you to sync your tracks with better precision.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

We have no doubt that the Numark Mixtrack 3 is ideal for aspiring DJs who want access to some of the tools that professional DJs arm themselves with. They are great for use at home and intimate setups as they can be easily connected to a laptop or computer via USB.

Feel free to purchase the product if you are willing to try a DJ software option aside from more popular ones such as Serato and Native Instruments Traktor. The Mixtrack 3 by Numark allows free downloading of the Virtual DJ LE software. We tried it and we’re pleased enough with the assortment of tools and features that it carries.

What Customers are Saying

There are different reasons why a lot of consumers who purchased the Numark Mixtrack 3 are happy with the product. For one, they love that it didn’t leave a gigantic hole in their pocket. Despite having a reasonable price tag, they confirm that the unit boasts of a decent amount of functions, many of which are found on more expensive and comprehensive mixing gears. By the way, customers are also ecstatic that the purchase came with the Prime Loops remix toolkit.

The Bottom Line

If you prefer to impress your family and friends in the living room instead of a crowd in the club, using the Numark Mixtrack 3 is enough for you to have access to the necessary tools. It’s affordable and well-designed, plus it allows you to showcase how good a DJ you are.

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