Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Review

Our Thoughts on the Pioneer DDJ-SR2

Are you planning on buying the feature-packed Pioneer DDJ-SR2 anytime soon? Don’t do so without first checking out the entirety of this quick review. Below you will come across some of the most important matters that you need to know about this professional DJ gear.

Key Features

Teeming with buttons, knobs, switches, sliders and a couple of jog wheels, there’s no denying that the DDJ-SR2 by Pioneer is designed for professional DJs. Most of the features are dedicated for controlling the Serato DJ Pro software. The following are a bunch of the most noteworthy features of the Pioneer DDJ-SR2:

  • Large jog wheels. For a better mixing experience, the manufacturer has equipped the DDJ-SR2 with a pair of jog wheels. Because they are fairly massive, the jog wheels make it easier to scratch and shuttle through audio files with precision. What’s so nice about the unit is that it has managed to have a couple of large jog wheels despite having a body that’s smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the DDJ-SR.
  • Multicolored tactile pads. Just below the jog wheels are tactile pads that light up, which is a good thing as it allows you to easily see them even in the dimmest of party environments. And because they come in varying colors, the tactile pads add fun to your every performance.
  • Various connectivity options. It’s easier for a DJ to have peace of mind if there are multiple output options fitted onto the unit. Well, the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 can be connected to a PA system, headphones, speakers, amplifiers and a bunch of other audio equipment.

What We Like

Because the DDJ-SR2 comes with so many innovative features, we find it difficult to point out the ones that truly stand out. But still we will give it a try — here are some of those that really caught our fancy:

  • Dedicated controls. The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is first and foremost designed to serve as a control station for the Serato DJ Pro software. If you use the said software, then it’s likely that you will be impressed with the unit. There are also dedicated switches and knobs for some of the software’s most advanced features.
  • Upgradeable. One of the things that made us fall in head over heels with the DDJ-SR2 by Pioneer is that it’s DVS upgrade-ready. So in other words, it’s capable of allowing you to enjoy more creative freedom and possibilities when you choose to take advantage of the Serato DJ DVS expansion pack.
  • Compact and lightweight. Based on the name alone, it’s clear that this DJ equipment is the offspring of the DDJ-SR. The two DJ gears may look the same at first glance, but the DDJ-SR2 has a more compact and lighter body. Needless to say, you can take it with you hassle-free from one club to the other.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

It’s quite clear who the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is for: serious DJs. Newbies may be intimidated to try their hands on this unit because of its throng of features, the majority of which can be accessed via the interface, which is somewhat on the cluttered side of things. Clearly, there’s a learning curve to mastering the use of the DDJ-SR2.

Those who use the Serato DJ Pro software can benefit tremendously from the presence of the DDJ-SR2. With it, they can use the software with much ease as the unit provides various physical controls. If you tend to hop to different venues, you’ll be happy to know that the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 won’t weigh you down.

What Customers are Saying

It’s hard to look for customers that are completely unhappy with the Pioneer DDJ-SR2. Such can be expected given that it provides just about everything that users of the Serato DJ Pro software need. However, some consumers complain that the setup process can take several hours to complete. There are also those that say that utilizing the DDJ-SR2 can take some getting used to, but they agree that the effort is well worth it.

The Bottom Line

Professional and newbie DJs are obviously the target users of the Pioneer DDJ-SR2. This is especially true for those who are on the hunt for a way to conveniently take advantage of the many features of the Serato DJ Pro software.

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