Numark Party Mix Review

Our Thoughts on the Numark Party Mix

Make sure that you check out this quick review from start to finish if you are eyeing the Numark Party Mix. That’s because we will talk about some of its top features and what customers are saying about it. So keep on reading before you add this DJ gear to your shopping cart.

Key Features

Because the Numark Party Mix is a full-fledged DJ controller, you can expect for it to pack a lot of features. Don’t be intimidated when we say that the unit carries an assortment of bells and whistles — it’s still surprisingly small and lightweight. Here are some of the biggest features of this tiny performer:

  • Integrated light show. Are you wondering why there’s the word “party” in the product’s name? Well, that’s because it’s intended to make parties livelier and thus more unforgettable. The unit comes with 3 LED lights that pulsate to the beat of your tracks.
  • Various connectivity options. What’s really nice about the Numark Party Mix is that it’s versatile enough to be the center of various audio setups. Such is possible with the availability of just enough connectivity options. For instance, there is a dedicated output for your favorite DJ headphones. Then there is also another output that allows you to use the Numark Party Mix with speakers, mixers and PA systems.
  • Dual deck. For a DJ who would like to do more, having a couple of decks is so much better than one. Numark knows that very well, and that’s why it fitted a pair of decks onto the compact body of this DJ gear. Some of the most important tools, such as the crossfader, are neatly laid out right in the middle of the unit.

What We Like

Despite being small and lightweight, the Numark Party Mix is never short on tools and features that most DJs are looking for in a controller. The following are some of the things about the product that we really like:

  • DJ software included. There are numerous DJ software options out there, and one of those that many DJs use is Serato. The Numark Party Mix is compatible with it, thus serving as a physical control deck for the popular software. However, you may be disappointed to know that the unit comes with the Serato DJ Lite only.
  • Multiple control pads. A total of 4 programmable pads are located below each jog wheel. And below those pads are a bunch of additional pads, such as sync, cue and play/pause. Did we already mention that the control pads light up in different colors, thus making your every performance dynamic?
  • Compact and lightweight. When going from one party venue to the next, the Numark Party Mix won’t weigh you down. That’s because it’s surprisingly compact and lightweight — it tips the scale at less than 2 lbs only. Despite this, the manufacturer has managed to equip the unit with plenty of switches and 2 jog wheels.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

There’s no denying that the Numark Party Mix is ideal for DJs who want a controller that they can bring with them wherever they go hassle-free. It’s perfect for very small venues or booths. The unit is also recommendable for DJs who live in small condominiums and need to make do with tiny spaces when coming up with their home studios.

However, we feel that DJs with big hands may have a hard time using the Numark Party Mix with much ease and precision. That’s because the various sliders, knobs and pads are crammed into such a small area. The jog wheels are also smaller than those found in larger decks, but they are raised enough for accessibility.

What Customers are Saying

A lot of customers are happy with the fact that the Numark Party Mix comes with enough features at a pocket-friendly price tag. Those who are still learning the ropes of DJing are pleased with the unit, although many of them feel that the product won’t be able to grow with them as they further their music careers. Also, some customers complain that they need to pay for the pro version of Serato just to enjoy some advanced features.

The Bottom Line

If you have just stepped foot in the world of DJing and you don’t mind using the Serato DJ Lite, then getting your hands on the Numark Party Mix is enough to make you the life of the party.

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