Image Line FL Studio 12 Review

Our Thoughts on the Image Line FL Studio 12

This is a quick product review of the Image Line FL Studio 12, a digital audio workstation that allows for more things than just mixing and editing tracks. By the time that you get to the very end, we hope that you have a better idea if this software is the one that you need.

Key Features

A complete music production tool: this is what a lot of experts and consumers are dubbing the Image Line FL Studio 12. It’s because it has just about everything you will need, from composing to mastering. Let us take a look at some of the product’s main features:

  • Redesigned interface. The Image Line FL Studio 12 is from a line of music-producing software that has been around for over 14 years already. The latest addition to the family has been redesigned to make it more appropriate for the evolved needs of today’s picky DJs and music producers — experienced and budding alike. The interface received a complete overhaul, making it look more cutting-edge.
  • Scalable. No matter the size or resolution of your computer monitor, you will be able to use the Image Line FL Studio 12 trouble-free. That’s because part of the redesigning the software went through is the introduction of a scalable interface that looks great on any screen size or resolution.
  • All-in-one package. There are a lot of things involved with professional mixing and producing. Most of the time, a handful of software tools have to be utilized throughout the process. Well, the Image Line FL Studio 12 is a complete package ideal for the most meticulous of DJs and record producers. That’s because it can do everything from composing, arranging, mixing and mastering.

What We Like

As mentioned above, the Image Line FL Studio 12 is the latest in the line of digital audio workstations that has been around for a long time already. So in other words, it’s offers a certain level of reliability! These are some of the things about the Image Line FL Studio 12 that we really like:

  • Easy to use. Confusion should be the least of your worries when you’re using the Image Line FL Studio 12. The intensive redesigning of the interface for this edition makes that possible. We love that there’s very little learning curved involved with using it.
  • Free lifetime updates. Another reason why the Image Line FL Studio 12 is reliable is that the manufacturer has vowed to keep on releasing updates for as long as the software is around. However, it’s not just continuous updates that can be expected by staunch users of the product — free updates for life are the ones that they can expect to receive every now and then!
  • Easy on the pocket. Sure the Image Line FL Studio 12 is not the cheapest digital audio workstation on the face of the planet. However, it’s still an excellent money-saving investment for DJs and record producers. For one, its versatility helps to keep the need to purchase different software solutions. And just like what’s mentioned above, the product has a lifetime of free updates.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

The Image Line FL Studio 12 is certainly ideal for anyone who wants to accomplish a lot without using an assortment of software. The product can be regarded as an all-inclusive tool that allows professionals and newbies alike to carry out anything from composing to mastering their masterpieces.

Because of the redesigned interface, it’s something that can be trouble-free to navigate and learn. This is why consumers who have never tried using digital audio workstations before may use the Image Line FL Studio 12 as their stepping stone, although switching to another product in the future is unnecessary as the software is complete.

What Customers are Saying

Some consumers compare the Image Line FL Studio 12 to a Swiss army knife because of the many different tasks that it can carry out. Needless to say, they love the sheer versatility of the product. Many who have used its predecessors love the new look that’s less cluttered and more modern. However, a lot of customers are unhappy with the fact that the software is only compatible with Windows.

The Bottom Line

Unlike most other digital audio workstations out there, the Image Line FL Studio 12 can do more than just mix and record tracks. That’s why it is something that’s worthy of being right in the middle of a home studio.

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