RCF Evox 12 Review

Our Thoughts on the RCF Evox 12

Have you seen the RCF Evox 12 in pictures or in person and now you’re thinking about owning it? Then make sure that you read this quick review first before you buy it. Below we’re going to discuss some of the most important matters about this eye-catching professional speaker.

Key Features

One look at the RCF Evox 12 and it’s enough for anyone to know that it means serious business. That’s because it consists of a large main speaker and a long subwoofer resting on it on a pole. But the product is doesn’t just look good — it’s also a great performer. Let’s take a brief look at the RCF Evox 12’s key features:

  • 1,400-watt power. Small speakers have 50 watts of power. Larger ones typically have 100 watts of power. Then there’s RCF Evox 12 that packs a whopping 1,400 watts of power! This only means that its amplifier is very loud, which makes it suited for use at large venues where there’s a huge crowd.
  • 15-inch subwoofer. As if having a 1,400-watt power amplifier is not enough, the RCF Evox 12 also comes with a subwoofer that rests on top of a pole. Measuring 15 inches long, it’s there to make sure that the bass is powerful enough to please the crowd at parties or where there are live band performances. By the way, the subwoofer can be dismounted from the pole and placed anywhere or anyhow on the stage.
  • Easy transport. Think again if the RCF Evox 12 is going to give you a nasty headache as well as muscle and joint pain when it’s time to move it from one place to the other. Other than being relatively more compact than massive professional speakers, the product comes with integrated wheels and an extendable handle.

What We Like

The way that the RCF Evox 12 towers over other audio equipment is impressive. However, we love that it also performs really well. Aside from the key features mentioned above, here are some other things we like about it:

  • 8 neodymium transducers. As mentioned earlier, the subwoofer is 15 inches long. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg — it also employs 8 neodymium transducers, each one measuring 4 inches. This is the secret of the RCF Evox 12 why it’s capable of giving bass that’s deep and punchy.
  • Saves space. There are a couple of reasons why the RCF Evox 12 is suited for use on a small stage or at a tiny booth. First, it makes use of vertical space wisely, as evidenced by the subwoofers resting on a pole. Second the main body housing the 1,400-watt amplifier measures 9 x 17 x 17 inches only. However, it’s important to note that the product tips the scale at 80 pounds.
  • Advanced DSP feature. According to the manufacturer, the RCF Evox 12 boasts of a special digital signal processing (DSP) feature. This is the reason why many consumers are very pleased with the sound quality, as you will come across later on in this quick review.

Who is This Product Best Suited To

There is no doubt that the RCF Evox 12 is engineered for professional use. Its design allows for a striking setup, although it can also be dismounted and arranged in a way that the user deems necessary or effective. Thanks to the 15-inch sub woofers, the RCF Evox 12 is suited for performances in which there’s a lot of bass.

Even though it’s dubbed as a professional speaker, the RCF Evox 12 is also perfect for beginners. This is especially true for those who have just kick started their accumulation of audio equipment. That’s because the RCF Evox 12 includes everything from a speaker, amplifier, pole mount to the cables.

What Customers are Saying

Because of the powerful amplifier and generous subwoofer, it doesn’t come as a surprise why a lot of those who purchased the RCF Evox 12 are raving about the audio quality. According to them, the speaker not only produces clear and loud sound, but also deep and punchy bass. However, many are surprised at how heavy the speaker is, although the integrated wheels help to make moving the RCF Evox 12 easier.

The Bottom Line

The RCF Evox 12 appeals to both professionals and newbies alike, provided that what they’re after is a speaker that can impress with its looks and performance.

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